“Put Your Trust In Him”


As we come to the end of Matthew 13, we find of wealth of wisdom with the many parables that Jesus taught.  However, to me the most interesting thing is found in how the chapter ends.  There is no doubt that Jesus is teaching with a great deal of authority and with boldness even within His hometown; so much that it is even worth noting that they were “astonished” and asked, “Where did this man get his wisdom, and these mighty works?” (Matthew 13.54).  Yet, sadly no one wanted to attribute His wisdom and power to its true source of God.  They all kept saying things like “Isn’t this Joseph and Mary’s boy?” and “Aren’t his brothers James, Joseph, Simon and Judas?”  In their minds, it was inconceivable that this Jesus could be whom He claimed to be.  Of all people, they were the ones that knew Him as a child. Weren’t they the ones that got to experience the virgin birth of Jesus?  This makes me think that maybe they even didn’t believe that about Jesus.  The result is that Jesus did not do any of His works there.  Just think of all that those people missed out on, because of their lack of unbelief.  We too will miss out of a lot of things if we don’t believe in Him. Let’s make sure that we place our trust in Him, so we will be able to experience all the wonders that a life in Christ offers.


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