Several years ago, a classmate of mine was scheduled to speak in our high school chapel at Mars Hill Bible School.  It isn’t unusual for people to get nervous before giving a lesson, especially in an audience of your peers, but on this day the speaker looked extremely uncomfortable.  As he stood up to deliver his lesson, there was an awkward silence in the auditorium.  The speaker began to stammer a bit and try to maintain his composure, until he knew he could not contain his embarrassment.  He began to apologize and admit that he had gotten busy with school work and other activities and had forgotten to prepare a lesson for chapel.  In his humiliation he simply said “I am sorry. I have no excuse. I am just not prepared.” and then he sat down.  As you can imagine, you could not hear a single sound in the audience. Seconds passed that felt like hours as people began to look at each other and wonder what was supposed to happen next.  Finally, after what seemed like twenty minutes, but in reality, was only about two, he stood back up and made his way to the podium.  “Today” he said. “I would like to talk to you about the dangers of being unprepared.”  In all honesty, he really didn’t have to say another word…we all understood the lesson. In our text for the day, Jesus wants us to know that no one knows the day that He will return to this earth.  Since no one knows, we must make sure that today we are prepared.  Jesus says, “you must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour that you do not expect.” (Matthew 24.44).  That friend of mine that delivered that lesson so long ago still has an influence on me today.  How much more of an impact should it be, if Jesus was the one who issued the warning to us?  Church we cannot afford to be unprepared!
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