“Satan’s Desire is for You ”

BIBLE READING: Luke 22, John 13
                “Simon, Simon, behold, Satan has demanded to have you, that he might sift you like wheat” (Luke 22.31).  We have all understood how those words must have haunted Peter for the rest of his life, but have we ever thought about how difficult it was for Jesus to say them to Peter?  Imagine this scenario, your child is about be faced with a temptation.  This temptation is so great that you know there is a strong chance that your child will fail this test.  Your child’s entire future is riding on this one test of their faith and in your heart of hearts, you know that your child is not strong enough to handle it.  You are now faced with the reality of it; are they capable of bouncing back after such a failure, or will they drift off into the world.   I don’t know any parent that would want to be placed in a situation such as that, but that may be just how Jesus felt.  He knew the power that Satan had.  He knew the lure that his temptation brought.  He knew that Peter wasn’t strong enough to handle it.  He also knew the pain and turmoil it would bring upon Peter until that resurrection morning. I am sure that it was very difficult for Peter to hear those words of Jesus and even tougher to have to deal with his fall.  However, we cannot overlook how hard it must have been for Jesus to see his servant and friend suffer so much as he fell into the Devil’s trap.  We must never forget that not only was that hard for Jesus to experience with Peter, He continues to experience it with all His children.  He knows that we are all susceptible to the wiles of the evil one and that at some point we all will fall.  Yet, He continues to pray for us, just as He did for Peter, in hopes that we can learn from our mistakes and bounce back.   Don’t ever forget, that just as Satan asked for Peter, he has asked for you as well.  Just as he prayed for Peter…He continues to pray for you!
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