“To Do Lists”

                I am a list maker.  If I am given a job, I break it down into smaller tasks and list them one by one on my to-do list.  I know that when I check off all the small tasks on my list, my goal is accomplished.  There are a lot of to-do list people in the world.  People like lists.  I even have one friend that says she wished she had a checklist of things God would like her to do every day. 
Without knowing it, many of us have this unwritten to-do list from God in our minds to aid us in our daily walk.  The only problem is that we often only put the “obvious items on our list:  don’t lie, don’t cheat on your spouse, don’t murder, etc.  There are many other “items” that should be on our to-do list and we even know what these items are, but those may be too difficult for us to do, so we leave them off.  Things like don’t gossip, give someone a 2nd chance, or love the friend that stabbed you in the back last week, etc.  James 4 addresses this in verse 17 when it states:  “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.” 
Doing all the things we know to do and not just doing what is easy to do are the real items that should be on our daily to-do list.  Maybe it’s time to re-write your list for tomorrow.
Application : Think about your entire day yesterday; were there things you should have done that you didn’t do? Put those things on your to-do list and do those tomorrow. 
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