“A Trip Back in Time”

                Have you ever just wished you could be like Marty McFly and climb into your supped-up DeLorean and use that flux capacitor to take you back in time to witness events in history as the happened?  If I could, the Pentecost of Acts 2 would be one of my first trips.  Can’t you just see the looks on everyone’s face as Peter stands up and preaches that first Gospel sermon declaring the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ?  Not only would you be able to sense their shock and guilt, but you would also be able to see true repentance at its finest as three thousand people become pricked in their hearts to the point of obedience to the Gospel.  Just like that, without even one single verse of “Just As I AM” you were able to see the birth of the New Testament Church.  Who was first, was it Barnabas, Silas, Mary Magdalene? Or maybe it was Barabbas or Simon from Cyrene?  We will never know in this life, but what we can know for sure is on that day over two thousand years ago the world was changed as the gates of heaven were now opened for anyone who was willing to believe and obey in the name of Jesus.   Not only that, but just imagine what it must have been like in the days after, as we see everyone open not only their hearts, but their homes and their possessions, sharing with those that had need;  being able to witness thousands praising God and enjoying each other’s company and everyday  see more and more people  being saved.  What a day to experience!  Well, the truth is I don’t have a DeLorean, I have a Camary and I don’t have a flux capacitor, I have acid reflux.  However, I do get to share a little bit of heaven every Sunday as I gather with the saints and rejoice over my risen Savior.

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