Reading: Matthew 20-21                             

                “They finally get it!  They finally understand who I am and that I am here to save them.” I am sure those thoughts must have crossed the mind of Jesus as He is seated on that colt watching them lay down their coats and palm trees in front of Him.  He could hear their cries of “Hosanna to the son of David…. Hosanna to the highest.”  The word “Hosanna” just simply means “Save us” or “a prayer to save”.  As the first century had rolled around, it had become a word that was more used as an expression of praise and adoration.  The expressions on the faces of the crowd and the hearing of the words of praise from their lips, must have given Jesus a comforting peace to know that “Yes, some of them do understand!” Sadly, those feelings of Jesus would not last very long.  Those emotions of acceptance and peace are quickly exchanged for those of anger and frustration as Jesus witnessed what they were doing in the Temple.  Then, the next day that frustration continues as some of the chief priests and elders begin to question His authority.  It will only be a matter of days now before Jesus hears the crowds cheering something much different “Crucify Him! Crucify Him!”.  As you pause and reflect in your devotional today, pay close attention to what it must have felt like for Jesus.  Not only does He have the power to save us through His sacrifice, but we must not forget that He would have felt those same emotions that we would have felt as well.  What an emotional roller coaster Jesus must have experienced during the last few days of His ministry.  Yet, He still chose to pay the ultimate price…willingly.  How could anyone be able to do such a thing?  The answer is easy... He loves us!


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