The story of Cornelius’ conversion in Acts 10 is one of the most important conversion stories of the New Testament.  Now I am not suggesting that Cornelius was any more important to the New Testament church than any of the conversions that had happened before, but his conversion did change things significantly. Cornelius was the first person who was not a Jew that was able to be washed in the blood of Jesus.  Up until his conversion, the Gospel had only been available to Jews.  After all, the promise that was made to Abraham was made for him and his descendants. For at least two thousand years Jehovah was the God of only the Jewish nation, but now with the death and resurrection of Jesus, the kingdom was going to be available to all nations.  God saw something in Cornelius. Let’s just be honest, it must have been easy to see because the Bible describes him as a “devout man who feared God…did many charitable deeds…and always prayed to God” (Acts 10.2). God knew that Cornelius was going to be the perfect opportunity for Him to open the door to His eternal kingdom.  He also serves as the perfect embodiment of James 4.8, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you…”. I have to believe that many of those prayers that he prayed sounded a little bit like this, “God, please…show me what I need to do.  Send me someone, something, that will help me grow closer to you and be acceptable in Your sight”. Enter the angel!  God had not only been listening to Cornelius’ prayers, He was also preparing the Way for His salvation.  God sends Peter to reveal to Cornelius what he must do to be acceptable in Gods eyes. Today, we have God’s Word to tell us what is acceptable to Him. Are you living an acceptable life?
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