“The Purge”

BIBLE READING: 1 Corinthians 5-8
                Over the last few years there has been a series of movies and now a television series that is called “The Purge”.  The premise of the show (as I understand it) is that in the future, the American government has declared that every individual is capable of evil.  Therefore, to control this evil there has been designated one day a year in which there is no law.  Murder, rape, stealing, and the such like are all legal and in fact glorified and encouraged so that they can “purge” the evil from themselves.  The thought behind this is that it somehow releases a drive that everyone has within themselves for one night, making the crime rate for the rest of the year be lower.  The Apostle Paul discusses the concept of a “purge” in 2 Corinthians 5.13, but that was not what he meant.  To “purge” means to “lift up, remove or take away”.  In context of Paul’s writing, he is discussing some issues of sexual morality that was going on among the brethren at Corinth.  Paul encourages them in I Corinthians 5.9 “to not associate with sexually immoral people”.  His reason is that they will not only contaminate to the holiness of the church but will also give them a false sense of security concerning their salvation.  Then, Paul says that we are to “Purge, the evil person from among you” (I Corinthians 5.13).  This purge is not meant to allow for a release, but rather a measure taken to protect the holiness of the church. However, it was also done to reveal to the sinful person what benefits they would miss out on if they did not change their ways.  Culture has become more tolerant and accepting of sexual immorality and sadly our churches have begun to follow suit.  Therefore, I agree with Paul…we need a Purge, just not the kind we see in the movies; that would only make the situation worse!
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