“ You Don’t Know What You Got, Till It’s Gone…”

            As the exiles return to Jerusalem to begin the reconstruction of the temple of God, they must have been overcome with emotions.  Ezra says that many of the people shouted and praised the LORD as the foundation was being laid (Ezra 3.11).  Yet there was also some of the priests and Levities who had seen the first temple so overcome with emotion that they “…wept with a loud voice” (Ezra 3.12).  Ezra continues to say that both groups cried out so much and so loud that you could not distinguish who was who.  It must have been a very emotional day for everyone, but why?  I remember as a teen listening to a song by the band Cinderella entitled “You Don’t Know What You Got, Till It’s Gone”.  That seems to have been the sentiment of the nation of Israel.  The Temple signified Jehovah God for them and they took it for granted by falling into idolatry.    When they were in captivity, their privilege of worship had been removed because of their sin.  After seventy years of no Temple worship, the people realized just how blessed they were to be the people of God.   My prayer is, that we as Christians, never get to the point of taking the worship of our LORD for granted.  Yes, they can celebrate, but there was also a good bit of mourning for all the time they had lost.  Today is Tuesday and Sunday is coming!  Make sure you take advantage of the precious opportunity we have.
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