“I Can Make A Difference!”

BIBLE READING: Esther 6-10

                Sometimes God places us in unusual places and circumstances so that we can make a difference for Him.  Esther was a simple Jew who through some strange trail of events is made Queen of the Persians.  While God is using her, she and Mordeci uncover a plot by Hamaan to destroy the Jews.  God uses Esther to become a leader and save the Jews from extinction.  Esther’s story is one of hope and motivation for us as Christians today.  Although we may not be called upon to save a nation, God can and will use us to make a difference in His kingdom.  It could be so easy for us to seem small and insignificant to God as we are only one of millions, yet we are still one!  One that God created with a purpose.  One that God sent His Son to die for our sins! One that God plans on using to make a difference!  Esther did what she could, where she was.  That is still all that God asks of us today.

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