“ Looking In All the Wrong Places”

BIBLE READING: Ezekiel 22-23
                Ezekiel 16 and 22 are very similar chapters in that they both depict the apostasy of the nation.  They both compare Israel to a prostitute who had broken her marriage vows to God.  The difference in the two chapters is that in chapter 16 the adultery has been committed with idolatry, and in chapter 18 the idolatry has been committed in their trust of other nations.  Instead of trusting in God for their protection, they had placed their trust in Assyria, Babylon and Egypt.  Although the parable used in this passage is specifically for Israel, Judah and Samaria, it is very relatable to us to today.   Let me explain; God has always promised that He would deliver those that placed their trust in Him. His love, protection and peace are available to all those who reciprocate that love back to Him.  However, how many people look for love, protection and peace in other things rather than God.   Today, people look to alcohol or drugs to give them the escape of the peace that they so crave.  They also look to pornography, extra-martial affairs and pre -martial sex for the love that they so desire.  People turn to all sorts of things for protection, such as money, 401Ks and insurance plans thinking that they have all the protection that they need.   God says to us today, “I know you need peace, but My peace passes all understanding.   I know you need love, but My Love is the highest form of love.  I understand you need some sort of financial security, but I offer you eternity where you can live forever with Me.” He knows we need and crave these things, but He also knows we have been looking in all the wrong places for them.   It looks so easy for us to follow, but we all know how easy it is to drift away.  God uses this as a warning to us today; to not look towards idols or other things for the things that He is willing to give us.
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