“ The Watchman”

BIBLE READING: Ezekiel 32-34
                As God continues to use Ezekiel as his prophet, he reminds him of the important role he plays as Israel’s watchman.  A watchman looks out for someone, protecting them and warning them of any dangers that come their way.  It is Ezekiel’s responsibility to warn the Israelites of the impeding judgment that awaits if they do not repent of their wickedness and turn back to God.  If Ezekiel warns them and they come back to God, then there is cause for rejoicing.  If he warns them and they refuse to listen, then God will hold them accountable for their negligence.  However, if Ezekiel fails to warn the people and they suffer God’s wrath, then God will hold Ezekiel accountable for his negligence on being their watchman.  The message for us is simple.  We all know someone who is lost because of their sin.  As God’s watchmen today, it is our responsibility to warn them (in the spirit of love and meekness Galatians 6.1-3).  If we fail to warn them or at least introduce them to the precious love of Jesus, then we will be held accountable for not introducing Jesus to them.   That adds a whole new dimension to our reaction to evangelism.  Their sin is not our responsibility, but it is our responsibly to live a life of example and a life full of the love of Jesus so that we can pull them out of darkness into His marvelous light.  Today, think of someone you know that is lost or unfaithful, pray for that person, then contact them, and with the spirit of meekness and love, talk to them about Jesus.
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