BIBLE READING: Zechariah 1-7
Reading Zechariah is a wild ride. Like life it is not always linear. The flow of thought is hard to follow, but the theme remains the same throughout.  Life doesn’t fit into neat orderly patterns. Zechariah asks us to look above the chaos and hope for the coming kingdom, which will motivate faithfulness in the present.
Zechariah is divided into two main parts, chapters 1-8 and then 9-14.  In the first eight chapters Zechariah has a series of dream visions and then we find their interpretations in chapters 7-8. These dreams, like some we have, are strange and vary from patrolmen, horns, blacksmiths, and even a woman in a basket being carried by a stork! While these are often hard to understand, they all drive home the point that God’s people have strayed from him. He describes their captivity in Babylon as a woman trapped in a basket being flown east to captivity. The Hebrew writer talks about how sin can trap us, just like Zechariah’s vision.  God just asks us to set aside those things in our life that we could become slaves to.
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