“ Weighed in the Balances”

                One of the strangest stories of the Bible is found in Daniel 5.  King Belshazzar is enjoying his fill in a massive party that entailed drinking and probably a lot of rated R activity.  All the while they are praising all the various gods of gold, silver, bronze, wood, stone and probably anything else they could imagine.  Amidst all their revelry, the fingers of a human hand appear out of nowhere.  The fingers proceed to write some words on the wall, causing the king to have his color changed, his limbs give way and his knees to knock together (I personally think that would have been hilarious to see).  Unable to understand the inscription that was written, the King hears of Daniel has the gift of dream interpretation, so he calls him to interpret the saying.  Daniel reveals to the king the saying, “MENE MENE TINKEL PARSON”.  It means “Thou have been weighed in the balances and been found wanting.”  That very night the king’s life was taken from him.  Today, I want us to think for just a moment about the same phrase being applied to us.   One day we will all stand before the judgement seat of Christ and be judged based on the life that we have lived.  Then Christ will take all our lives and weigh them in the balances; what will He find with your life?
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