“ Seeing The Glory of the Lord”

BIBLE READING: Ezekiel 42-43
                As the book of Ezekiel closes out, God is giving Ezekiel a tour of the Temple that is to come in the post exilic period.  In Ezekiel 43, God reveals to Ezekiel His glory as it fills the Temple.  Even Ezekiel declared that it was reminiscent of what he saw when God originally called him by the Chebar canal.
Ezekiel seems to have been overwhelmed with his senses at first; he hears the “glory of the God of Israel” coming from the east as the sound of “many waters”.  Then the Spirit of the LORD lifted him up in to the air and carried him into the inner court of the Temple”.  Finally, he beheld the “glory of the LORD” filling the Temple.  As a priest before a prophet, Ezekiel would have been very familiar with what the original Temple of Solomon would have looked like, yet this experience had been different than anything he had had before.  The word “glory” here is also defined as “honor” in the original Hebrew. It is used to denote “a physical weight of wealth and splendor”.   I am not sure exactly what Ezekiel saw in this vision, but you can rest assured it was a picture in his mind that he would not soon forget.   As we seek to contemplate just how big God is, and if we were to be able to put a number in terms of weight on His splendor and His glory, the number would not be one that we could fathom.  That, to me, is intriguing as I seek to understand just exactly what Ezekiel saw in his vision of God’s glory.  The good news is that it is something that I will be able to see if I continue to live my life in accordance with His word.  In heaven we will get to experience on a deeper level what God is attempting to place in the mind of his humble prophet Ezekiel. I hope you are looking forward to being able to see the true Glory of God made known to us one day.   That should serve as motivation for us to live in such a way that we can get to see it.
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