“Respect For The Word”

BIBLE READING: Nehemiah 8-10
                After the walls of Jerusalem were completed in an amazing fifty-two days, the people of God rejoiced at the work that had been completed.  To commemorate the significance of what had happened, Ezra the Scribe, gathers all the people together into the square to read the book of the Law of Moses to them.  Ezra read from early morning until mid-day and all the people, not only listened to the Word of the LORD, but they understood it as well.  It appears they have a new-found respect for God and His message to the people.  That got me to thinking, today people will pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to attend concerts of their favorite musicians.  They will listen to the song for two and half to three hours and then cry out at the top of their lungs for an encore.   People will also pay for tickets to sit through movies and ballgames for hours and enjoy every minute of it, in some cases crying for more.  Yet, when it comes to the word of God, we can’t sit and listen for just a few moments before we tire of what is being read; why is that?  Don’t we understand, that this is the Creator of the Universe that is speaking directly to us?  Can’t we see that His message is one of love and sacrifice and is meant specifically for me?   Those that worked on that wall did!  They understood how precious it was to have the Word of God back in their lives after not having it for so long.  Today we need to take a few moments and thank God for the wonderful words of life He has given to us within His Word.  We also need to uncover our own respect and love for the Word, that can not only bless us in this life, but grant us the life to come.   Thank you, God, for giving us you Law!
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