“A Glimpse”

BIBLE READING: Zechariah 8-14
Again, we find ourselves among the prophesies of Zechariah to God’s people. Chapters 1-8 record visions prophesying the eventual internment of God’s people to the Babylonians.  In chapters 9-14 Zechariah gives us a glimpse of the kingdom that will never be destroyed as Daniel prophesied about in Daniel chapter 2.
The messianic kingdom will be led by a king riding on a donkey (9.9), and his people will reject him. Zechariah also tells us in chapter 11 that Jesus will be a rejected shepherd (Luke 17.25, John 10.11). That shepherd will not always be rejected though and through his authority a New Jerusalem (the church, heaven) will be established.  The New Jerusalem will have a river of life as it represents the Garden of Eden and that river will be healing to all creation. Through mercy and grace, Christ gives us that healing in his blood and that’s the key to the New Jerusalem both on Earth and in heaven.
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