“The Weight of the World”

BIBLE READING: Romans 14-16
                 Just a few days ago I witnessed an object lesson that I will never forget.  Jordan Abrams was speaking in high school chapel at Mars Hill Bible School on the subject of working together.  He took a concrete block and held it over an egg and asked the question “what will happen if I set this block on this egg?”  Of course, the response was “Crush it!”.  He then attempted to gently lay the block onto the egg and of course it did crush the egg.  However, when he placed four eggs with a plastic bottle top on each of them, together they were able to hold the block securely without crushing them.  It was an amazing object lesson that I will not soon forget.  The point was, in working together we will be able to handle the pressures that come along in our daily Christian walk.  Paul alludes to this idea in Romans 15 when he writes “We who are strong have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak…” (Romans 15.1).  The Bible refers to us as a family, because that is what we are.  When we see one of our own hurting, we go and help them so that they can handle the pressures that they are facing.   Together (like the eggs) we can support the weight that the world has placed upon us.
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