“The Great Deceiver”

BIBLE READING: Revelation 6-11
                As we get to this part of Revelation 6-1, things may begin to get difficult to understand.  One thing that we must remember is that most of the book of Revelation contains a great deal of symbolism.  Although the book can be understood by us today, much of it was intended be understood by its original audience.  However, just like any other portion of Scripture, it was placed in our Bibles for us to learn and grow.  Also, just like any other portion of Scripture, it is open to people attempting to twist these messages to say what they want it to say.  There are those that seek to deceive the believers by giving a false understanding of the book.  Make no mistake about it, any contortion of the Scriptures for a personal benefit is a sin.  The father of all sin is the Devil, whom we find described in Revelation 12.9 as the “deceiver of the whole world”.  Not one of us are exempt from the wiles and lure of the great deceiver, therefore we must be even more aware of his presence and his power.  One of the greatest mistakes that we can make is underestimating the power of the Devil.

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