“Seizing The Moment”

                In our readings today, we are confronted with two of the saddest stories within all of Scripture.  The first is the story of Felix.  Felix was the Roman procurator of Iudaea Province, whose wife Drusilla was a Jew.  Felix had come from Jerusalem to bring charges against Paul because of his preaching.  In the closest thing that Paul has received to a trial at this point, Paul gives his defense.  Felix, maybe due to his wife being a Jew, had a “rather accurate knowledge of the Way” (Acts 24.23).  As he listens to Paul’s defense, which included Paul’s conversion as well as items of self-control, righteousness and judgement, Felix was alarmed and said “Go away for the present. When I get an opportunity, I will summon you” (Acts 24.25).  Sadly, from what we understand of secular history, that opportunity never came.  The next story involves Agrippa, who was the Jewish King.  As Paul makes his defense to King Agrippa, Paul knows that Agrippa has understood and believes the message that Paul presents.  However, Agrippa replies “In a short time would you persuade me to be a Christian? (Acts 26.28).  Again sadly, that time never came.  What do these two accounts teach us?  The first lesson we learn is that the Gospel message is important for us to hear.  In both cases, Paul eagerly presents the story of the Cross to individuals who needed it.  Secondly, we learn that time is precious.  We never know when the last time will be for us to hear the story of the cross. Therefore, when we do hear and are cut to our hearts, we must seize the moment and obey while we can.  There is never a good reason to procrastinate becoming a child of God.  If we do, we risk becoming like Felix and Agrippa…lost.
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