“Exciting News”

BIBLE READING: Revelation 1-5
                There was only ten seconds left on the clock in overtime and we were down by one.  After throwing the ball in the defenders jumped in overdrive forcing the young point guard to pass to his teammate.  The man takes one dribble in the lane and looks up at the clock, three….two…; with only a second to spare he gets his shot off.  As the buzzer sounds it seems like an eternity before the ball enters the cylinder and goes in.  That boy was my son, and the way I was acting you’d have thought the game was the NBA finals.  I was so excited, I bet I called every single family member to tell them the exciting news of the game.  I was so excited about what had happened, I could not even contain myself; and that was only a fifth-grade basketball game.  Imagine what it must have been like to be the Apostle John as our Lord takes him up and allows him to see Heaven.  That’s right…Heaven! John got to see a glimpse of what Heaven will be like.  I could not imagine what it would have been like for him in the days to follow.  He must have not slept for days trying to vividly recall ever single detail that he was able to witness.  The good news for us is that we have recorded in the book of Revelation what John was able to see.  After we read his description of what God revealed to him, it should make us excited too.  Sometimes it is great to just sit down and read John’s description to remind us that Heaven is real!  It isn’t some fairy tale that takes place in Neverland or some other nursey rhyme city.  It is a real place that has been prepared for those who are prepared.  As you re-read his vivid detail remember, not even John’s words, that were inspired by the Holy Spirt, are able to do it justice.  It will be much more beautiful than even words can describe.  Make sure you are there to see it!
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