“Adorning the Doctrine”

                In Titus 2, we find Paul giving some simple instruction about what it means to teach “sound doctrine”.  I understand that not all of us are called to be teachers; in fact, James warns us that teachers will be held to higher standard for what they teach (James 3.1).  However, we all have some responsibility in sharing the good news about Jesus.  Paul illustrates to us that we do so by our behavior.  Like the old saying goes “our actions speak louder than our words”.  In fact, Peter encourages wives to treat their unbelieving husbands in such a way that they are won over to Christ by their behavior and not the use of words.  In Titus, Paul encourages us to do the same thing by adorning the doctrine of God (Titus 2.10).  That word “adorn” means “to garnish, to decorate, or to trim”.  It comes from the word that they would have used to describe a necklace with an amulet on it.  That tells me that when people see me, they see me living in such a way that they can see the doctrine of God in my life.  It is almost as though that is what they see first.  This time of year, most of us are decorating our homes with Christmas decorations for the holiday season.  As most of us put up our Christmas trees, what is the difference between the tree that is within our house and the tree that in in our yard; it is the decorations and the ornaments.  As a matter of fact, that is what we see first! That is the way we as Christians must be, we must live in such a way that people see the “doctrine of God” within our lives.  If we do this, we could be winning people over to Jesus without even realizing it.  However, if we are not “adorning the doctrine of God” we could also deter people from obeying without realizing it.  Let’s make sure we are living the right way, so that people can see Jesus living through us!
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