"What Would You Wish For?"

BIBLE READING: Psalms 72, 2 Chronicles 1          
                I want you to imagine that you are walking on the beach and you stumble across an odd looking bottle.  To your surprise when you pick it up, smoke begins to come out of the top of the bottle.  An unusual looking man suddenly appears in front of you in a most unusually looking outfit.  In shock, you ask the man, “Who are you?”  “I am a genie and I am at your service.  I have the power to grant you three wishes; what shall I get for you first?” he replies.  What would you wish for?  A million dollars, your own private island, or maybe you would play the smart choice and wish for an unlimited number of wishes (although I would assume that would be against the rules).  My point being, if we had the opportunity to have anything that our hearts desired, wishing for wisdom is not what many of us would select.  Yet, that is exactly what Solomon selected.  Could you imagine having the God of the Universe say to you “Ask what I shall give you” (I Kings 3.5).  He could have had anything his heart desired, yet he selected wisdom.  You could make an argument that Solomon already had a great deal of wisdom, to ask for that and not material things.  Because Solomon desired God to give him wisdom, the LORD blessed Solomon with riches and honor.  It may be hard for you to notice, but God does the same thing for us today.  James tells us that if we lack wisdom, we can ask God to give it to us.  When He blessed us with wisdom, in turn we make good decisions that help us be blessed in ways that are much more valuable than physical wealth.  If we use the wisdom that God has given us, it will lead us to use His word and His word will lead us to heaven.  Come to think of it, we have a better offer than Solomon did.
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