"God Will Not Forsake Us"

BIBLE READING: Psalms 37, 71, 94      
                Within the three Psalms that were studied today, we find a common theme: God will not forsake His people.  The word “forsake” means to “abandon”, or to “give up”.  Throughout the entire Bible we can read of countless examples of God communicating with His people that He will never leave or forsake them.  There was Noah and his family, as God protected His people from the waters of the flood.  Then there was Abraham and his promise that God would make Him a great nation.  Joseph also understood that no matter how bad things had become, God was still in his corner.  The nation of Israel was able to witness, first hand, how God was with them whether as slaves or free men.  The prophets cried out that as long as God’s people placed their trust in Him, He would always be there even when it looked as though He wasn’t.  Isaiah prophesied that God would send the Savior that would be called Emmanuel, which means “God with us”.  Little did those prophets know that when Jesus came into the world, He would provide a way for us to be joined with Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection, enabling us to have him live within us (Galatians 2.20).  As Christians, we are the culmination of all of God’s promises that He will continue to be with us, no matter what the situation.  As you read these Psalms, go back and read them again.  This time read them with the hindsight of knowing that as a Christian, God is living with you.   Try to experience the same feelings and emotions that David experienced as he relates them in the psalms.  May they give you comfort and strength to continue to live a life of trust and assurance in the promises of God.


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