"Mephibosheth & Me"

BIBLE READING: 11 Samuel 8-9, 1 Chronicles 18
                Mephibosheth was the son of Saul, that was made crippled by the fall of Saul’s kingdom after his death.  In the process of time, David hears of Mephibosheth’s condition and seeks him out to bring him into the kingdom.  In those days, for political reasons, they would kill any offspring of the former king to ensure no one would rise to claim the throne.  However, David doesn’t seek Mephibosheth out to kill him; he wants to invite him to live with him.  After finding Mephibosheth, David sends for him and prepares a place for him at the King’s table.  You might not realize but we have a great deal in common with Mephibosheth.  Just as he was crippled by the fall of Saul and forced to live out the rest of his life at a disadvantage, we face some disadvantages of our own.  We are faced to live our lives at a disadvantage because of what happened in Genesis 3 with the fall of Man.  We were made crippled, in that we would never be able to make ourselves righteous in God’s eyes on our own.  However, just as Mephibosheth was sought out by King David, Jesus Christ seeks us out to do for us what we could never be able to do on our own.  Not only does our King make us righteous, He accepts us for who we are.  He also invites us to eat at His table (Matthew 22.1-14) making us part of His family, just as David did with Mephibosheth.   Just as Mephibosheth was grateful to David for the love and hospitality he was shown, we too must be grateful for the love and sacrifice that Jesus made for us.

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