"Blessed is the Man..."

BIBLE READING: Psalm 1-2, 15, 22-24, 47, 68
            As with the case of Uzzah, in yesterday’s reading, being an example of someone who did not respect the law of the Lord, today we have a description of someone who does.  The first of the recorded Psalms is one that describes someone who “delights in the Law of the Lord”.  The word “delight” refers to something that is considered “pleasurable, desired and valued” (Vines).  When one feels that way about God’s laws, they desire to know more about them, hence the statement “meditates day and night”.  David then describes this person who loves the laws of the Lord, as one that will never be unfruitful.  They will never be unfruitful because they are planted near rivers of water, implying that the waters are the words of God that are providing a constant stream of nourishment to the person.  This is in direct opposition to the wicked; with no source of nourishment they quickly dry up and blow away like the chaff.  It truly is a blessing for the person who finds pleasure and value in the Word of the Lord.  Let’s just make sure we seek to become that person.

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