"God's Impeccable Timing"

BIBLE READING: 2Samuel 5. 1-10, 1 Chronicles 11-12
Have you ever wondered why God did this to David?  Shortly after David kills Goliath, God anoints him King over all of Israel. There is however a major hurdle in the way of David taking the throne; Saul is still on it.  It had been excruciating for David to have been anointed as King of Israel, yet have to suffer all that he had for so many years waiting on Saul to die.  Ever since the moment he was anointed, David has faced nothing but difficulties in his life; Saul seeking his life, leaving his friends, hiding in caves, living with the Philistines, his home being burned and not to mention his depression and discouragement.  “Why?” was probably a question that kept being repeated amidst David’s prayers. Today we have the tremendous blessing of having a clear understanding as to why God waited.  God allowed all these things to happen to David to prepare him to be the King God wanted him to be.  Throughout his entire tumultuous life David suffered greatly, but his suffering lead him to rely on God. All his trails and setbacks helped Him solidify His relationship with God.  When Samuel anointed David, he said that God had chosen a man that was after His (God’s) own heart.  God used David’s hardships to point Him into a deeper relationship with Him.  Just try to imagine how deep his prayers must have been, how many tears were shed as he wrote those psalms.  Amid all of this conflict, God was preparing David for this moment, assuming the throne as God’s King.   God used David’s suffering to make him better.  What about you?  Are you constantly wondering when God will bless you?  Do you feel with each passing day that the stress of life is making your life more difficult?  Are you discouraged that you will never see light of day?  Just remember…God’s timing is impeccable.  You are where you are for a purpose. God is preparing you for something great.
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