BIBLE READING: Psalms 43-45, 49, 84-85, 87
In Psalms 49 we are reminded that the wealth we gain during our short time in this world stays here when we die. We may receive praise from men and even be thought of highly by many because of the wealth we have attained, but all this leaves us when we die. Ecclesiastes 5:55 tells us that we came into this world naked and that is how we will leave; nothing from the material wealth of our labor will be in our hands when we leave. The only part of our time on this earth that is valuable to us when death comes, is the time we spent doing God’s will. Living our lives in a way to please God is what it is all about.
Psalms 49 is a great reminder that death levels the playing field; every person whether rich or poor must die. At that time, the only thing we have is our soul. We are either ready or not ready for the judgment; no time left to prepare.   This fact should affect not only how we live, but help us put the correct priority on all decisions we make.
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