BIBLE READING: Psalms 121, 123-125, 128-130
In Psalms 128 we see two things God has always called on us to live with in harmony. Do you ever experience tension between your work and your family life? Most people do. Yet ironically work and family are part of Gods plan for us. It is often the two things that we have both the deepest meaning and fulfillment and the deepest pain and frustration. Most people long for happiness. This Psalm tells us that the way to have it is to fear the Lord and walk with Him (vs.1). There is peace and security in our lives when we put God first. Matthew 6:33 tells us to put God first in our lives and He will take care of us.
As you think about the ties between your family and work, how much do the members of your family know about your work? How much do you know about theirs? Is there any way that the gap between work and family life can be improved?
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