Judges 10-12

BIBLE READING: Judges 10-12                                                          
Tola and Jair. Their names are familiar because they are Judges, but we are only given five verses to describe their actions. These five verses can tell us, perhaps, more than we realized. In chapter 9, we see how the Israelites fall into idolatry under the leadership of Abimelech, the self-appointed king. God exalts those who humble themselves, but brings down the proud. Isaiah 2.12 speaks of a day of reckoning for the proud. Abimelech found that out when a millstone was thrown on his head by a woman in a tower. He was a proud man who led Israel away from God. However, during Tola and Jair’s leadership, there is no mention of idolatry. In fact, verse 6 tells us that God’s people fell back into idolatry. This leads us to believe that Tola and Jair served God during their leadership. It might not have been a long epitaph, but it gave glory to God and they served as they were called. Live your life in a way so that others know you serve God and lead others just like Tola and Jair!
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