"DNA or choices?"

BIBLE READING: 1 Chronicles 1-2
Most of us enjoy reflecting on our previous generations through old photos, through conversations with parents, grandparents and even events recorded by family in Bibles and other records we hold on to. Although most can’t verify much about their genealogy further back than 4 or 5 generations, we are very interested in our generations preceding us, as were the children of Israel. Family records were there for the Israelites to help remind them of the stories of God’s work and purpose from generation to generation. As such, the genealogies have much to teach us today about how we look at our heritage. They remind us also to look back with gratitude and look ahead with faith.
Just as the children of Israel could look back and see God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His word to them among their decedents, we can also today count on God to honor what He has told us. As future generations of your family look back, what will be the message they get from the choices you made?
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