"Past Mistakes"

BIBLE READING: Psalms 73, 77-78
These three Psalms were probably written by Asaph, a chief musician and composer appointed by King David (1 Chronicles 15:17, 19). In Psalms 78 we see this could be considered a lesson on learning from mistakes made in the past. Throughout the Bible we are reminded of how the children of Israel failed to learn from generations of mistakes.  Verse 37 tells us their hearts were not always tender and they were not faithful to God’s covenant.
How similar are we to the children of Israel? Past mistakes will always continue if we do not learn from them. If we don’t learn from our past, then our future will be a reflection of our past, but our heart will be more calloused to our mistakes.   Do we selectively choose what lessons to be learned from our past mistakes? Maybe even which past mistakes we choose to learn from? We must learn from our mistakes, not try to justify or rationalize them. Don’t look to place the blame on others. Unless we take ownership of our mistakes, we will never learn the lessons we need to help in the future. As humans, mistakes are always going to be part of our life. If we can learn from our mistakes, we can improve our relationship with our family and with God. We are blessed to have a God who included in His word to us such verses as 1 John 1: 7-9.
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