"Bless the Lord, Oh My Soul"

BIBLE READING: Psalms 102-104
            “Bless the LORD, oh my soul, oh my soul.  Worship His holy name. Sing like never before, oh my soul.  I’ll worship your holy name”.  Those words are the opening line of the song “10,000 Reasons”.  The point of the hymn is to remind us of all the reasons we must be compelled to worship God.  Although I am not sure what necessarily inspired the author in his efforts to write the song, I do believe that the reading for today might have had something to do with it. Within these three psalms, the phrase “Bless the LORD…” ,is recorded eight times.  The word “bless” that is used is a word that implies the action of kneeling.  Kneeling is not something we see done very much today in our Western Culture, but it is something that we do see.  It is seen in men as they get down on one knee to propose to their sweetheart.  It is also seen at sporting events when a player is injured. We also might see it as done on television as one might kneel in the presence of the Queen of England.  It represents a sign of worship, respect, humility and most importantly, submissiveness.  As we read this text and think of all the possible reasons we could list to show how great and powerful God is and how He acts in this world, we are compelled out of love to kneel and thank Him for our many blessings.  The feeling should overwhelm us so much, that we would lose the ability to stand so that the end result would be to kneel.  Thank you, LORD,! Thank you for everything!  I pray that my entire life will be a continuous submission to His greatness.
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