"We All Have Issues"

BIBLE READING: Genesis 38-40

     The Tribe of Judah is the most significant of all the tribes of Israel, because it is from this tribe that delivers the Messiah.  One would think that if the Bible recorded any story concerning the man from which this tribe originates, would be one of strength, holiness and godliness.  That could not be further from the truth.  It doesn’t take long for us to see that Judah was a man who would get involved with a prostitute who in turn is unknowingly to him as his daughter-in-law.   The only story that the Bible has that highlights the man from which the tribe of Judah gets his name, is one that none of us would be very proud of.  Why would God be so quick to air out all the dirty laundry of the lineage of Jesus?  Maybe He did so to show us that we all have our issues; none of us are perfect.  Every single human being that has ever existed, except for Christ, is subject to and a slave of sin.  If anything, this should give all of us hope because we all have our issues.  It doesn’t matter what we may have done, we still all need Jesus.  


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