"Big Company's Coming"

BIBLE READING: Genesis 19-21
       Years ago instead of going “out” to eat, people would invite others over to their home for dinner.  As a child when that would happen I can remember my mother frantically cleaning the house because we had, as she called it, “BIG COMPANY” coming.  She wanted to make sure that she had cleaned the bathroom, dusted the furniture, mopped and vacuumed the floors and prepared the food, so the “BIG COMPANY” would see us at our best.  Now in reality, it never really was anyone like a Senator, Businessman or anyone famous, “BIG COMPANY” usually just referred to anyone that did not already live in our house.  We are all the same way today; when we have visitors over to our home, we want to make sure everything is in order so that they see us at our best.  Imagine this though, what if your “BIG COMPANY” was God?  Because that is close to what happened in Genesis 19; God (through His Angels) were coming to visit Lot in Sodom.  As you might expect, Lot wanted to be a gracious host.  He wanted them to come into his home, wash their feet and give them a meal.  The problem however, was the situation Lot was in within the city of Sodom.  Although he may have been a good man with a good family, he still was in the wrong type of place.  Suppose that God was coming to visit your home?  What clean up would have to be done for you to prepare for Him?  Would He find you in the wrong type of place; would He find you in the middle of sin and worldliness?;  Would he find you in the middle of Sodom?  It might be that you have to do more clean-up in your life before He comes, but make no mistake about it; He is coming!
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