"The World is Flat"


            Believe it or not a professional basketball player, Kyrie Irving, stated in an interview last year that he believed that it was possible that the world was still flat.  I hope he stated this as a publicity stunt, because no one in their right mind would still believe that the earth was flat.  However, up until the 3rd century BC, that was the common thought.  Aristotle first theorized that the earth was round. Columbus died believing he proved Aristotle correct, but the real confirmation came in the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan.  He was a Portuguese sailor who was the first to sail completely around the world in 1522. It took all those years for people to understand that the earth was a sphere, when the Bible points out that astrological fact in Isaiah 40.22, “is he who sits above the circle of the earth…”The book of Job also alludes to it in Job 26.7 “He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing.”.  If the Bible can tell us those astronomical facts that man could not prove until thousands of years later, just think what kind of wealth of information it can offer us.  We serve the Creator of the Universe, and that Creator loves us more than anything else that was created.   His desire is that we believe in Him and reciprocate that love back to Him.  Maybe this is just one of those small ways that He has chosen to show us just how powerful and all knowing He is.  


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