"God Meant It For Good"

BIBLE READING: Genesis 48-50

   In the reading for today, Jacob has died and has been carried off to Macpelah to be buried with his ancestors.  Since Jacob has passed, the brothers of Joseph begin to fear that Joseph would now enact his revenge on them for selling him as a slave.  When confronted with their fears, Joseph’s statement must have really surprised them: “you meant evil against me, But God meant it for good” (Genesis 50.20).  Joseph knew that if he had not been sent to Egypt, then he would have never got the opportunity to interpret Pharaoh’s dreams.  If he had not have interpreted those dreams, then the nation of Egypt and the surrounding settlements would have died out due to the famine.  Even during their hatred and jealously of their brother, God was able to bring about His will for the world.  God continues to do the same thing today.  He can take a horrible situation and use it to accomplish a greater good.  Maybe this is the attitude we need to adopt when dealing with setbacks and hardships.  Doesn’t that give us comfort to know the suffering we have to endure will ultimately bring about the fulfillment of God’s plan?  If you are in the middles of a setback, failure or hardship, don’t give up… Maybe God is about to set you up for His glory.


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