"Like Father, Like Son"

BIBLE READING: Genesis 25-26
            The phrase “like father, like son” has been around for centuries.  I don’t know if it came from some old Chinese proverb or Confucius’ quote, but it could have had its origins here in Genesis 26.  In this story, we have Isaac repeating the same thing that his father Abraham did by withholding the whole truth about their wives.  In the case of Abraham, he lied to Pharaoh (Genesis 12) and Abimelech (Genesis 20) telling them that Sara was his sister rather than his wife.  The reason he did so was out of fear for his own life.  Now in Genesis 26, we see Isaac do the same thing in lying to Abimelech about his wife Rebekah.  There is a lesson in that!  Isaac simply just imitated what his father had done years before.  It is very important that we teach and train our children in the ways of Truth and Godliness;  but teaching is only part of our job.  We must also live by the words we teach as well.  Children are very impressionable.  They may not always listen to what you say, but they are very observant as to what you do.  Make sure we teach and live a great example for others, so they can not only hear those important lessons, but learn how to do them as well. 

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