“We Can’t Afford To Stop”

BIBLE READING: Matthew 14, Mark 6, Luke 9. 1-17
                Rejection… we will all face it in some capacity in this life.  As Christians, we know the rejection that Jesus faced was great. The things that He endured on His journey to the cross make any rejection we might feel seem small.   Although the pain He endured on the cross was great, He was also faced with rejection very early on in His ministry from a very unlikely source.  Mark 6 reveals to us that Jesus was rejected by the members of His family and neighborhood.  Try to imagine what it would have been like for Jesus as He sought to heal the sick and spread His message of love and salvation to those that knew Him best.   It must have been so disheartening for Him to want to save those who were closest to Him, for them to only run Him out of town.  Many people today face a similar rejection from those that they love as they seek to be that Christ-like example to their friends and family; only to be rejected.  It is so depressing for us to have a strong desire to share the love of Jesus with those that we care the most about, only to have them want nothing to do with Him.   No matter how down and depressed we might feel, we cannot afford to give up because the price is too great.   We must continue being the best example we can be, and we must never stop praying for their hearts to soften, because you never know when they might come to their senses.  In fact, James, the brother of Jesus, ended up becoming one of the most influential people in the church at Jerusalem. 
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