“Love Your Enemies”

BIBLE READING: Matthew 12. 1-21,Luke 6, Mark 3
                The reading in Luke 6.27-36, may just be the most difficult of Christ’s teachings to put into practice.  If we could sum up the teachings of Jesus in one word, it would probably be the word “love”.  He taught us to love Him, to love the Father, to love ourselves, to love or friends, to love our families, to love our neighbors, but the most difficult person to love is our enemies.  Why would Jesus teach such a thing?  Why is it so important for us to love our enemies?  The answers to those questions are found within these verses.  As for the answer to why we should love our enemies, Jesus gives us a few reasons.  First, He holds His children to a higher standard.  Jesus wants us to be unique, different, set apart from everyone else in the world.  If we just love those who love us, are we not doing just what everyone else does?  Instead, the higher standard is to love those who don’t love you; in doing so, you are making a statement to the world that you are different, you are unique.  Secondly, Jesus would not ask us to do something that He Himself hasn’t already done.  Take your minds back to the cross for just a few moments. As Christ is on that cross in the midst of those Roman soldiers who had beaten Him, mocked Him and ultimately killed Him, and don’t forget those members of the Sanhedrin who had falsely accused Him and persuaded others to put Him to death, notice what He said “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” (Luke 23.34).  His example on that cross with that very statement could have been the reason why the centurion confessed Jesus and the thief on the cross became a believer.  Jesus wants us to love our enemies, because He did!  When we can do that, our heart will continue be a place of love and forgiveness and our example will be one that will be followed; ultimately making the difference in the population of Heaven. 
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