“Don’t Give Up!”

BIBLE READING: Luke 17. 11-37, 18.1-14
                In 1993 at the ESPN Awards show, former North Carolina State Basketball Coach Jimmy Valvano was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award.  Jimmy V (as he was affectionately known in the sports world) was losing his battle with cancer.  As he closed out his acceptance speech, in what would become one off the most famous inspirational quotes of sports history, “Don’t give up…don’t ever give up!”  Although I don’t want to take anything away from Coach Valvano’s speech, those sentiments were expressed in Scripture many, many years before.   In today’s reading we find a parable from Jesus concerning a persistent widow.  In the parable a widow was being defrauded by her adversary and had on several occasions, sought to find justice from the legal system of the day.  Every time this woman sought justice the judge of the day would continue to refuse her.  However, this persistent widow was not going to just fade off into the sunset.  She continued to seek justice time and time again, until finally the judge would listen.  Jesus uses this parable to let us know what it means to not give up, don’t ever give up!
As you reflect on your own life, with its daily struggles and issues, we must never give up in asking for the help of the Almighty.
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