“A Sermon By Jesus”

BIBLE READING: Matthew 5-7
                Matthew 5-7 is what we affectionately refer to the as the “Sermon on the Mount”.  This is really the first “sermon” that Christ preaches to a crowd of people.  Imagine what it would have been like to sit on that hill side near Jesus as He began to teach.  Would He have your undivided attention?  Would you be likely to day dream about the rest of your day?  Do you think you would complain about the conditions, like the heat, or the itchy grass or even your spot within the crowd?  Is it possible that you may doze off because you were tired? I guess all these things are possible, but most of us believe that if Jesus was teaching we would be hanging on His every word.  Think about it though, as we read this or hear it taught is it not still the words of Jesus?  Just because someone else may verbalize the syllables, doesn’t negate the fact that these are His words, His thoughts, His message.  But it isn’t just this sermon?  Paul tells Timothy that “All Scripture is breathed out by God…” (2 Timothy 3.16).  That means that every word on every page of this magnificent book comes directly from the mind of God!  With that in mind, don’t you think we should give our utmost attention when it is being read or taught?  I think you already know the answer to that question.

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