“The Damage of Divorce”

BIBLE READING: Matthew 19, Mark 10
                Divorce is one of the most difficult issues that plagues our society.  No matter what the situation, God hates divorce (Malachi 2.16).  The reason for that hatred, is because divorce never just affects the man and the woman.  The ripples of divorce affect the children, the extended family of both sides, not to mention the friends of the couple as well.  The world wants us to believe that the lines between divorce have been blurred so much, that is it more of a gray issue.  However, for God the issue seems to be black and white.  Marriage is meant to be a commitment between a man and a woman and God.  Those vows that we made to each other on our wedding day were meant to be kept until death do us part.  Now, that doesn’t mean that God doesn’t place an opportunity for divorce; In fact, that is what we have within our reading this morning in Matthew 19.9; However, divorce is to be the last resort in all circumstances.  The issue is only gray because us as imperfect people make it that way.  Nearly everyone has someone in their family that has had to deal with this ugly issue; So, what can we do to fix things?  Sadly, in most situations, it is past time to repair those relationships because the divorce has been finalized, people have remarried, and new families are involved.  It may be too late to fix those things in the past, but we certainly can help prevent things from happening in the future.  According to most statistics, children who come from divorced families are more likely to get divorced. Parents, we need to be more proactive in educating our children on the commitment that comes along with marriage.  The need to understand the importance of making a vow to God and others and become people who are willing to uphold those vows. We also do not need to paint divorce in such a glorified position, but rather remind them of the heartache and pain it causes to the others around them.  Finally, we must do a better job at helping them understand what true martial love is about; looking out for the needs of others more than we do our own. 
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