"What Kind of Reputation Do You Have?"

BIBLE READING:  2 Kings 1-4
In 2 Kings 1, Judah’s new king is Ahaziah.  He has had some type of accident and has not been able to walk as a result. He sends messengers to inquire of Beelzebub (an idol) as to whether or not he will get better.  As they are on their way, they meet a man from God who scolds them for inquiring of an idol over the LORD.  As a result, he tells them that Ahaziah will die due to his rejection of the LORD.  When the messengers return, they reveal the news to king Ahaziah.  “Who told you that?”; ask the king.  “We don’t know his name, but he wore a garment of animal hair with a leather belt”, replied the messengers.  The king knew that it was Elijah the Tishbite. Isn’t that interesting that the king knew exactly who Elijah was based on the words he spoke and description of what he wore? That tells us that Elijah had a reputation; people were aware of what kind of a person he was by just a brief description. Everybody has a reputation; the important thing is to have a good one and not a bad one.  What about you?  How you speak, dress and act, these things reveal to those around you what kind of person you are.  Jesus told the disciples, in John 13:35, that people would know that we are of Him by the love we have for each other.  What kind of reputation do your actions reveal about you?             
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