"God Bless America"

BIBLE READING:  Isaiah 18-22
                It wasn’t that long ago that you were celebrating our countries independence with hot dogs, stews and fireworks.  As we gather every year with family, we too share in some of those same traditions.  We celebrate because we feel that the United States is the greatest country in the world and that God has blessed our country since its infancy.  God certainly has blessed the United States of America, but He has also blessed China, Great Britain and even North Korea.  In fact, every nation of the world can share the same slogan that we feel we may have trademarked.  As we continue our readings from Isaiah we learn a good bit about the Sovereignty of God.  Sovereignty is not a word that we typically use in our daily vocabulary, yet that doesn’t mean it isn’t an important word.  It means “dominion and rule” and as it applies to God, He has complete dominion and rule over every nation that exists, that has existed, and even those that could exist in the future.  Does God care what happens in our county? Of course He does, but He also cares what happens in every nation of the world.   As we have read from Isaiah and continue through today, we see that God has a hand in what happens in the entire world, not just the nations of Israel and Judah.  There is nothing wrong with us celebrating our nation’s independence, just as long as we don’t forget to celebrate the Almighty, All-Powerful, Lord God, who is Sovereign over all the kingdoms of this world and in the world to come.
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