"The Value of a Godly Example"

BIBLE READING:  2 Kings 14; 2 Chronicles 25

                A common theme from the readings of the last few weeks, seem to have been something along the lines of this… “he did evil in the sight of the LORD and followed in the footsteps of his father”.  These kings were only following the examples of those that went before them.  The example we set for others is something that we must be constantly concerned about.  It is important that we live lives that point others in the direction of Jesus.  When I was a child, I remember an old Gospel preacher telling us that we must be careful how we walk, because there is always someone watching us.  Of course, God was watching us, but he was reminding us that there were others watching us as well.  Each one of us is writing our own story of how Christ has impacted our life and each day many people read that story.  We must be careful of how we live and present a story that reflects the life of Jesus.  People are following your footsteps; are they leading others to Jesus?
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