“The Folly of Idolatry”

BIBLE READING: Isaiah 44-48
                Over the next few chapters it seems God is trying to get His people to understand just how ridiculous their idolatry has become.  The items that they have been worshipping have all been made by human hands.  How can a deity claim any power over humanity if it was fashioned by the hands of a human?  The answer is clear; it shouldn’t have any power over man at all.  Yet it did, but only because they allowed it to.  It seems like a foreign concept to us today to understand how people of God could fall away and begin to worship something that was man made.  Rather, it should seem like a foreign concept to us, but it doesn’t.  In fact, it has become more of a norm for us.  We may not bow down and pay homage to statue or idol, but we do allow man made things to influence how we live our lives. Whether it be cars, clothes, homes, toys or just cold hard cash, we have allowed these man-made things to rule over us.  The situation today isn’t that different from Isaiah’s day, and neither is the outcome.  Just as in his day, idolatry will be punished.  Make sure you place your trust and love in things that surpass anything man made and place in the One that made man!
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