Tuesday - January 24, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Job 29:1-25 

How many of us enjoy a trip down memory lane to talk about the good old days? We all like to reminisce, and at times embellish, about how great things use to be for us. Often when we do that it is because our situation has changed, and we are left with what use to be. If that description fits you, you are in good company. Even Job took a few moments to do so. According to Job 1:3 he was, “the greatest of all the people in the East.”  At that time Job had wealth, possessions, family and a great reputation because he “feared God and turned away from evil” (Job 1:1). He had a great relationship with all the people, and above all God spoke very highly of Him. Now his wealth and possessions are gone, his family is dead, his health has been diseased, and the people think much less of him. In his discourse in Job 29, he begins, “Oh that I were in the months of old….” To put it in our language, “Oh, I remember the good old days.”  His trip down memory lane was based on the premise that God was “watching over him” (Job 29:3) and that “the friendship of God is in his tent” (Job 29:4). 

His wishful thinking continues through-out the whole chapter, until he falls back to reality in chapter 30. In his mind, God has “loosed his cord and humbled him” (Job 30:11), and “cast him into the mire” (Job 30:19). When he cries out to God for help, Job feels that He “does not answer” and just “looks at me” ( Job 30:20), and with the might of His hand “you persecute me” (Job 30:21). 

As you might expect from his current situation, Job seems lonely, depressed, and in pain. Anyone would feel this way if they were in his position. However, what Job fails to see, and what we already knows, is that God is still there! Even when we are at our weakest point, and in our minds distanced from the Almighty, He is still there!  Maybe, instead of looking at how blessed we use to be, we should take notice of how blessed we still are. Even when it seems God is not there, He is!  

In the end, Job sees that God still cares, and that whatever happens, happens with God’s ultimate purpose in mind (Job 42:1-6).  

Application: All we must do is trust Him. Only then will we be able to see that, no matter the situation or circumstance, we will forever be blessed.


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