Monday - January 23, 2017

Woodlawn Family Bible Study

BIBLE READING:  Lamentations 3:21-26

Has this ever happened to you?  It is Monday morning and you wake up only to realize you had forgotten to carry out the garbage, and missed their pick up. You went to make your morning cup of coffee only to realize you had drank the last cup yesterday.  As you get ready you notice that you can’t find either of your good pair of pants because you forgot to dry them the night before. As you drive into work (already late), you realize you are out of gas and need to stop to fuel up, only to notice you forgot your wallet. That’s alright, because your wife is about to leave and you can call her and have her drop it by, until you remember you left your phone next to your wallet so you would not forget it.  Then you run out of gas about a mile from the gas station. You pull over, but notice in your rear-view mirror you a have a police car coming up behind with his lights on, and for a brief moment you think you are saved. However, his purpose for pulling in behind you was to let you know that he clocked you doing 60 in 45 as you were speeding to make it to the gas station.  As you try to explain, he invites you into his squad car as he politely asks for your license and registration. As you sit beside him you continue to state your case and that you had ran out of gas. He offers you his phone so you can call for help, and finally you get your wife and she is on her way, but it will take about an hour. You take your ticket, exit the car and explain to the officer your wife is on her way and he is welcome to leave you there.  As he pulls off it begins to rain, but you make it to your car just as the rain gets heavy, only to realize the door is locked!

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just had a bad day…or have you?  Even though things may not have gone your way for a moment, you still have a loving family, a great supportive church, you are still alive and now for a the next hour you mediate and pray to God, not to mention… literally SOAK in God’s blessings as He rains down on you!  You see, no matter how bad things seem to be, it could always be worse.

Application: The day is still young, and God still loves you, and His mercies are new every morning!  Lamentations 3 reminds us of this, and gives us hope for our next moment to be better then the last.


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