"The Value of the Word"

BIBLE READING: Psalms 119. 89-176
                It is probably not an accident that the readings for the last few days deal with Solomon asking for wisdom, and then today we see the value in having wisdom from the Word of God.  Psalms 119 tells us that if we study the Word of God, we will be “wiser than our enemies” (119.98), we will have “more understanding than all our teachers” (119.99) and we will have more understanding than “the aged”.    David later explains that he “loves your commandments, above gold, above fine gold” (119.127).  David trust so much in the power of the Word of God that he believes it is what has “given him life” (119.93) and saved him from his afflictions (119.92-94).  I truly believe that within these passages God is trying to tell us the value that His word offers us.  It sustains us, it supplies us and finally it saves us!  I pray we all make a special effort to study His word more.

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